The Israeli Children's Museum

instructions - COVID 19


After a long period in which the museum was closed, we are happy and excited to open.
Please note,
The tours take place in the form of guided tours for the inviting group only and provided that the inviter declares that it is a capsule.
Minimum booking for the tour is 6 tickets.
The maximum number of participants in the tour is 10 including the guide. I.e. 9 participants.

The Children's Museum operates in accordance with the purple tag.

Entry will be allowed:

-Online pre-order only
-With masks to wear throughout the tour.
-Entrance to the "Invitation to Silence" exhibition with only transparent masks that   can be purchased at the museum box office for NIS 5.
-After measuring body temperature at the entrance. No entry is allowed for those   whose body temperature is above 38 degrees.
-For visitors aged 16 and over - in accordance with the green tag - entry will be   allowed upon presentation of a vaccinated / recovering certificate / valid negative   corona test from 48 hours before the visit.
-During the booking you will be asked to confirm a health declaration and consent   to the rules of conduct during the corona period.
-Before arrival make sure you have no fever or respiratory symptoms.
-If you have been near Corona Patient for the past two weeks, please refrain from   arriving.
-In the museum complex, keep a distance of 2 meters between groups (capsules)
-At the box office complex only one representative of each invitation to access the   counter.
-The guides will wear a transparent mask during the tour.
-For your use, disinfection stations are available in the complex.

General information- 

-Cancellation is possible up to 4 business days before the visit. The cancellation   involves a 5% cancellation fee or NIS 100, whichever is lower.

- You can change the date up to 24 hours before the visit.

-The museum is very strict about the age requirements as they are defined for   each  activity. Entry with infants will not be allowed.

-In case of late arrival, entry to the activity will not be allowed.

-We ask you to obey the guidelines and adhere to the rules for maintaining the   health of us all.

Wishing you a pleasant visit

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