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Conditions of use for Site for Online Purchase of Tickets

Conditions of use for Site for Online Purchase of Tickets (hereinafter: "the Articles")

a) The site (hereinafter: "the Site) is operated by The Israeli Children Museum - The company for the development of Theatre, Music, Art and Dance, Holon LTD, cn 512287350 (hereinafter: "the museum") , the address of which is P.O.B 5100 Holon 5815002 and/or on its behalf.
b) The museum permits all those interested (hereinafter: the Purchaser") to purchase tickets for activities/exhibits/ tours and its various other activities (hereinafter: "the activity") .
c) Tickets can also be purchased by way of the Bookings Center at telephone no. *9051.
d) In purchasing tickets online by way of the Site, I declare that have thoroughly read the conditions of the Articles specified below and accept them without any reservation.
e) These conditions are worded in the masculine form exclusively for purposes of convenience, but relate to both genders.
f) The museum reserves its right to change the Articles from time to time, but any change in the Articles shall only apply to services provided thereafter.
g) The headings in the Articles are for purposes of convenience and shall not serve of purposes of interpretation of the Articles.

General Conditions

1 .The Purchaser declares that he is above the age of 18. The museum clarifies that it is unable to verify the fact of the Purchaser being above age 18.
.2 The Purchaser declares that he has a bank account and a working electronic mail box on the internet network and that he is using a credit card that was lawfully issued to him.
.3The Purchaser declares that all of the particulars that he gave and/or that he may give in the process of purchasing tickets by way of the site, are his correct, personal details including the address of his electronic address, full name, telephone number and identity number, and credit card number. The giving of incorrect details and/or the use of details which are not your own is prohibited and may constitute a criminal offence and whoever does so is liable for the statutorily prescribed punishments.
.4The Purchaser declares that the use of the Site is exclusively for private use. Purchase of Tickets
.5Where a typographical error occurs on the Site, including with respect to the description of the Performance, it will not obligate the museum. In the event of a typographical error, the Purchaser may cancel the Purchase without being charged cancellation fees.
.6For purposes of online purchase of tickets, you must follow the stages of ordering and complete them, in one continuum without interruptions, while taking care to insert all of the details correctly and accurately.
.7 Immediately upon execution of the order for tickets, the museum will transfer the details of the credit card by way of which the Purchaser undertook to execute the transaction. The museum will transfer an appropriate notification to the Purchaser after the confirmation/rejection of the order by the credit company. It should be stressed that the confirmation of the credit company constitutes a threshold condition for completion of the purchasing process. Upon receiving confirmation from the credit company for executing the purchase, the Purchaser's account will be debited for the full sum of the purchase.
.8Notification of the confirmation of the credit company and the details inserted will be sent to the Purchaser in the electronic mail box whose details he filled in during the purchasing process.
.10 It shall be clarified that for as long as confirmation of the order has not been sent to the Purchaser in accordance with that which is stated in section 8 above, the order will have no validity.
.11In any case in which a notification confirming the order was not received within 15 minutes of the completion of the order, please contact Bookings Center immediately at telephone number *9051 or via our contact on the museum's website.
.12The Purchaser confirms that he is aware of the possibility of operating defects in the Site as a result of the closing down or defect in the Internet, whether as a result of force de majeure and/or due to the need for operate or upgrade and/or as a result of some manner of wanton action on the part of a third party and/or some kind of defect on the Internet, and he hereby waives any claim regarding the same, against the museum or those on its behalf.
.13 The tickets will be delivered to the Purchaser at the booths of the museum at the entrance to the Museum, subject to the presentation of an I.D. card and the credit card with which the purchase was executed. The Performances
.14 The various performances take place in the various locations in the israeli children Museum, unless specifically indicated otherwise.
.15 The Purchaser must appear 15 minutes before the beginning of the tour , in order to collect the tickets from the booths of the museum in the entry to the Museum.
.16The open air Performances will not take place in conditions of rainy or stormy weather. When a performance is cancelled due to the weather, the purchase will be cancelled and the Purchaser will have his money returned.

Cancellation of Purchase

.17Cancellations are possible up to 2 bussiness days before the tour. there is a 5% cancellation fee.
17.1Applications to change the date will be accepted until 24 hours before the tour at the Bookings Center of the museum, at telephone No. *9051 , or via our contact on the museum's website in accordance with availability.
17.2 No show for any reason except force major means no refund.

Confidentiality and Privacy

18. The Museum undertakes to act to the best of its ability by itself or by way of a person on its behalf, to protect the personal information that was transferred in the course of purchasing tickets, and shall not make any use thereof other than for the purposes specified below: It should be noted that the Museum and/or persons on its behalf do adopt customary precautionary measures in order to maintain, to the extent possible, the confidentiality of the information in accordance with the PCI DSS standards.
.19 Nonetheless, it is stressed that inasmuch as the ordering of tickets takes place in an online environment and quite naturally as such is exposed to break-in attempts by hostile elements, the Museum cannot absolutely guarantee the protection of the information from penetration of hostile elements as stated, to its computers or those of anyone on its behalf.
.20 In view of the above, the Purchaser agrees that if, despite the security measures adopted by the Museum and/or persons on its behalf, it is not successful in guaranteeing the protection of the information, the Purchaser will have no complaint and/or claim and/or demand against it.
.21The Museum reserves its right to collect, by itself and/or by way of a person on its behalf, anonymous statistical data regarding the Purchaser's use of the Site for purposes of their analysis and as a means of improving the service. The Museum will be entitled to provide the data to third parties, provided that they do not enable the personal identification of the Purchaser.
.22The Museum will be entitled to use "cookies" (small text files stored by the provider of the Museum and/or persons on its behalf on the hard disk of the computer used by the Purchaser by way of his internet browser), in order to provide the Purchaser with prompt and efficient service and to save him the need to insert his personal details every time he enters the Site. However, it is clarified that the "cookies" do not contain any information that personally identifies the Purchaser and he shall be able to adjust his browser program in a manner that will present the absorption of "cookies" by his computer or their deletion.
.23The Museum will not transfer the personal details of the Purchaser to another person other than in the following cases:
23.1 For purposes of transferring them to the credit company to execute the order.
23.2 If the Purchaser transgressed the law.
23.3 In the framework of a judicial proceeding that may take place between the Museum and the Purchaser or in accordance with a judicial order.
.24It will be stressed that the Purchaser has the possibility of purchasing tickets in the Bookings Center, and in that case, the ordering of tickets shall be done by way of telephone with a human response, and not by way of an online system.

Additional conditions

.25Together with the confirmation of the Articles you are required to indicate whether you wish to receive from the Museum and/or those on its behalf, electronic mail, in accordance with the Media (Telecommunications and Broadcasts) Law, 5742-1982, into your electronic mail pox. If you do not wish to continue receiving electronic mail, you may request to remove the details from the mailing list by pressing the remove button, which appears on every mail notice.
.26 Without derogating from the aforementioned provisions, the Museum will be permitted, at its own exclusive discretion, to prevent the Purchaser from the online purchase of tickets by way of the Site, by blocking him or by any other method, including in cases of the execution of an unlawful act and/or a breach of the conditions of the Articles and/or the intentional transfer of false details and/or the commission of an illegal act or omission that harms or is liable to harm the Museum and/or any third parties.
27. The Museum and/or anyone on its behalf will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage, consequential or special that may be caused to the Purchaser or to a third party as a result of the purchase of the tickets by way of the Site. The responsibility of the Museum will be limited at the every most to the return of the Purchaser's money.
28. The law governing the Articles will be the Israeli law.The exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute between the Museum and the Purchaser including with respect to the conditions of the Articles, will reside exclusively with the competent court in Tel-Aviv District,
29. The Museum will be entitled to endorse and/or transfer its rights and obligations under the Articles, all or a part thereof, to any instance without the need for the approval or informing of the user.
30. The Museum is entitled to cancel/to change the Performances in accordance with its own exclusive discretion.

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