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Accessibility and Adjusting the Children's Museum in Holon

The Children's Museum in Holon, in collaboration with the Access Israel Association, has committed to adjusting the Museum's website and content to make them accessible to all populations, including people with disabilities. The Museum believes in the equal rights and equal opportunities in order to generate the same benefit from the website's contents and therefore, is acting to promote the accessibility of the Israeli websites and adjust them for use of all population in Israel, as legislated in the accessibility laws and regulations. In addition to adjusting the website, the Museum's staff is also undergoing training towards offering accessible customer services.


Adjusting the website

Adjusting the website, according to the schedule defined in the regulations, is performed by Clarify – a website adjusting tool, according to Israeli Standard for Accessibility 5568 and the directives of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for the AA level, with the assistance of accessibility experts from Clarify.


How is the accessibility activated on the website?

In the right bottom corner of the Museum's website, there is an "accessibility" button. After pressing this button, a menu will pop up offering users the website's range of accessibility options. After choosing the desired type of accessibility and pressing it, the accessed website will be uploaded. To end accessibility, press "turn off accessibility" which also appears on the menu.


Main adjustments


Changing the contrast of colors based on a dark and/or bright background.

Adjusting the website for color blind users.



Possibility of navigating using the keyboard


Website content:

Access of the website's photos

Access of the website's menus

Enlarging the font to a number of different sizes

Adjusting the website for assisting technologies

Accessibility statement


Users' feedback is important to us

The Museum staff strives to offer all its customer uncompromising service. If you encountered any restriction that disrupts or completely prevents surfing the website, please report the matter to us.

Please send us notice of the malfunction by email to [email protected] or [email protected].

In order for us to handle the problem in the best way possible, please include complete details.

We will handle the problem and get back to you as soon as possible with details.


Accessibility of activities

The various activities are accessible for wheelchairs/walkers (except certain facilities on the A Trip with Yanshul and The Magical Forest courses).

There are elevators available for visitors in the different buildings.

There are marked disabled parking spaces near the entrance.

The Museum's Accessibility Supervisor is Avi Ashkenazi – email: [email protected]




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