The Israeli Children's Museum

about us

The Israeli Children's Museum is an educational-cultural institution providing unique learning experiences which are one of a kind in Israel.

Since its opening in 2001, more than two million visitors of all ages have visited the museum.
The museum offers visitors a variety of activities which share the common feature of adventures that incorporate emotional intelligence, education for tolerance and acceptance of the other.

All activities are guided and require pre booking. 

The Israeli Children's Museum is about  creating tolerance and dialogue among all of Israel's children. The use of adventures and exhibitions which are an experience rather than a static space is what makes the difference for all visitors, not just those under 12. 

The visit to the Israeli Children's Museum in Holon is an unforgettable experience, and is designed to take the visitors on a fascinating adventure through the world of imagination and communication.

Our Vision is that children and adults have the potential to be and learn almost anything via experience. They can learn how to address one another with respect and interest, understand the difficulties of others who live with disabilities and find new ways to communicate with those who are different.

The Israeli Children's Museum has set as a goal to promote tolerance, respectful dialogue and non-violent communication between all Israeli children of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Their respect for one another is the very heart of our future relations as a nation.

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