The Israeli Children's Museum


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We invite you to enjoy every adventure we have to offer, so you can surely add it to your Israeli experience .

Please consider helping us with inviting children guests of all backgrounds to enjoy the museum once a year.

1 in 3 children in Israel live in poverty and we want to give all of Israel's children a chance to learn respect, non-violent dialogue regardless of age or any other difference. We feel it is our duty to allow all children of all ethnicities experience these values through imagination, games and fun.
Please help us give every child in Israel a chance for an adventure.
Please let us know you are coming, friends. We would love to have you as our guests.

We need your support to continue our special programs "Dialogue in the Dark", "Invitation to Silence" and "Dialogue with Time" as well as supporting our efforts to make the museum available for all children, regardless of financial difficulty or background.

Donate and support options:

For more detailes, please contact - [email protected]
Thank you and תודה

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