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Workshops in the dark for executives and teams

The dark allows us to see ourselves in a new light.
In light of the international success of the Dialog in the Dark experience, we are proud to present the Dialog in the Dark Workshops for executives and teams, to be held in Israel.
Thousands of executives across the world have already benefited from the workshops which include a challenging task filled journey in absolute darkness and processing the experience in order to connect it to organizational daily proceedings.
The workshops are co-hosted by a blind guide and an organizational consultant.

The intense experience in the dark, which temporarily eliminates the participants' vision, ignites their inner strengths and awakes their listening and speech skills as well as their intuition, which all become substitute anchors. All these skills enhance the need for communication and trust, create strong feelings and allow increased openness, closeness and boldness.

The workshop allows participants to take a look and reflect on their personal and organizational day to day lives, as well as their strengths and limitations, thereby leading to profound personal and collective insights, which are recalled over time and constitute the infrastructure for learning, development, growth and change.

Hundreds of workshops have already been hosted for executives and work teams from McKenzie, SAP, Manpower, Salesforce, Deutsche Bank, Olympus and dozens of other leading organizations.

The themes in the workshop include:

The workshop is intended for:

The workshops are co-hosted by a blind guide from the experienced team of Dialog in the Dark and a senior organizational consultant.

The workshops and their contents are accommodated according to specific objectives to be pre-determined based on the needs of the organization and/or participants. The workshop is approximately four hours long, including two hours in the dark and ninety minutes for processing the experiences and looking ahead to the future.

For additional details and to schedule a workshop, please contact Maya 03-6503010 or by email: [email protected]
The Israel Children's Museum, Mifratz Shlomo St., Peres Park, Holon


יום כיף לעובדים במסגרת סדנת דיאלוג בחשיכה



Team Communication Workshops

The Invitation to Silence workshop presents a double challenge for participants: first, losing the ability to verbally express themselves and their auditory sense, and on the other hand the need to communicate their needs and desires in a comprehensible and clear manner. The experience, during which the anchors we employ daily are eliminated, is extremely powerful and leads to profound personal and collective insights. These insights are the infrastructure for learning and a long-term change. The workshop is co-hosted by a hearing-impaired coach and a group guide. A procession process takes part both during and after the activity, offering participants a chance to process the experience and apply it to their personal and organizational lives in order to connect the powerful emotional experience of silence with insights and changes that need to be made in their "daily noises".

Number of participants: 24 max.
Duration of workshop: 90 minutes
Location: Invitation to Silence complex

Possible purposes:
Enhancing the original assumption that I am responsible for making sure the other party understands (me or what needs to be done)!
Practicing communication skills, which are critical for providing effective service: profound listening, respecting others and those who are different as well as mastering various communication methods.
Strengthening communication in a task team by increasing trust within the team, creating a joint experience and defining agreed operation principles.

Structure of workshop:
Opening – getting organized and preparing for silence.
Warm up – a short exercise intended to create a mental transition from noise to silence.
A series of challenges in silence performed in an ascending order of difficulty, whereas each exercise emphasizes a different aspect of the workshop's objectives. After completing some of the exercises, a short questioning session (in speech) will be held to allow the group to draw conclusions and apply them. The group will experience a meaningful learning curve and as a result, an empowerment experience.

Processing (in speech) – sharing emotional experiences, deriving key insights for the participants' daily lives, agreeing on action principles to be applied the next day.

For additional details and to schedule a workshop, please contact Maya 03-6503010 or by email: [email protected]

ימי גיבוש לארגונים במסגרת סדנת תקשורת


Accessible Service Workshop

A unique workshop in response to the need for qualifying teams to offer accessible service to populations with special needs.

The workshop includes:
The personal story and challenges of a deaf individual.
Receiving a set of tools for offering accessible service and creating an accessible and accommodated working surrounding.
Activities and simulations using the tool box.
Duration – about ninety minutes.

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