The Israeli Children's Museum

A Trip With Yanshul

For Ages 2.5 to 4

The Yanshul (half owl, half cat) is small but has hatched from his egg; he already wants to meet new friends, but he's embarrassed.

So what do you do when you're embarrassed? How do you find new friends? And how do you make friends with them? The children go with Yanshul on a journey in a magical forest, a journey to search for friends and discover the skills needed to find them.

On the way the children encounter, along with the friends, a variety of textures, sounds and feelings, which draw them into entertaining and meaningful experiences.

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pre booking is required

75 minutes

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For your attention:

pre booking is always required. 

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  • Children and adults pay the same price.

  • A ticket is for one exhibit / activity.

  • Adults accompanying children pay as well.

  • The museum is strict with the age requirements for the different exhibits.

  • Cancellation are possible up to 48 hours before the tour and there is a 5% cancellation fee.