The Israeli Children's Museum

dialogue with time reviews

"The general experience is fascinating, challenging and stimulates the mind."
(Achbar Hair)

"There was one moment in the tour that made me feel like all I want to do is go visit my grandmother and give her a huge hug".
(Yedioth Ahronoth)

"Nothing short of an educational and cultural masterpiece that we recommend you experience as a three generational family, children, parents and grandparents."

"The exhibit visitors proclaim it as a moving and unforgettable experience"
(Israel HaYom)

"Dialogue with Time will change stigmas and open possibilities for a new dialogue with the people closest to you as well as with yourself".
(Israel Hayom)

"A moving exhibit created by the Children's Museum in Holon that kicks you right in the gut yet gives a sense of incorrigible optimism."
(Israel HaYom)

"We recommend a visit to the exhibit for some quality family time that is suitable for all ages. I am confident that after the tour, grandparents will get special attention. A tour that brings new meaning to the proverb we were all educated on "honor thy elders". (Habama)

"Dialog with Time is one of the most exciting and interesting places we have recently visited (and believe me we visited quite a few places during the summer vacation) … the visit to the exhibit is a must for all. Highly recommended for children before their Bar Mitzvah, a valuable life lesson that brings us face to face with our parents and children and particularly gives us a glimpse of ourselves in a couple of years."

"An excellent, interesting, educational and moving exhibit that is warmly recommended for children above 12 and adults of all ages."
(Eli, Journalist, art critic, member of the Tel Aviv Journalists' Association and Chamber of Theater Critics beside the Association).

"A fascinating, experience filled journey to the various aspects of old age. Presented in an enjoyable, funny and moving way … this journey is about to change your stigmas and open you to the possibility of a new dialog with those closest to you as well as with yourselves."

"Relevant to all – young and old alike."

"Grab family members from every generation and head to this fantastic exhibit on aging, which will forever change the way you think about the elderly and getting old."

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