The Israeli Children's Museum

invitation to silence reviews

"Thank you very much for opening our eyes ( and ears) to the ways of communication.
It was amazing for us to spend an hour with you and learn how it can be to communicate without specking.
You have a wonderful smile and way about you."

"We loved the tour ! Thank you for the experience .
It has made our trip a lot more special !
You are welcome in Brazil anytime you want.
With love."

"We relly enjoyed our visit and we are very proud of you,
you are a very strong person and we wish you the best and good luck
In broadway ".

"I was very moved by your presentation. You are such a beautiful person! A very real person.
Thank you for inspiring us to have the courage and motivation to work hard to overcome our struggles and hardships. I feel so thankful to you for sharing of yourself and showing us your grace and humor and wisdom. May g-d smile at you and you family always.
All the best".

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