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The Magical Mystery Tour


Join us to a wonderful tour with the most famous band it the world!


New Attraction at the Children's Museum

The Beatles is undeniably one of the greatest musical bands that changed history and is still considered one of the most successful and favorite bands in the world.

The Beatles made more than just music, and the value and importance of their tremendous contribution extend far beyond their songs.

Four young, different people, who found and invented a musical and conceptual language that affected many fields of art in the entire world, including the instruments they played, the movies they made, the model they created and even the clothes they wore.

For many reasons, the Beatles is a band that people easily identify with. Their art is ageless, lacks boundaries and is considered multicultural.

Based on an interactive, experience filled activity, visitors will be exposed to the Beatles and their cultural and artistic impact.

How is a song born? How is it recorded in the recording studio? How musical instruments and musical choices serve an idea? How is an album created? How does the album cover serve the concept and how are all these factors transported onto the stage?

The exhibition will demonstrate how music can be a tool for developing imagination, self-expression and creativity, and how it can evoke emotions and become a tool for communication between people.

So, what would we like the exhibition to convey?

• Introduce visitors to the band, its members, their songs and the spirit of the time.
• Expose visitors to the artistic ideas, whilst referring to the band's transformation from a conservative and reserved "black & white" band to a "colorful" band.
• Encourage a connection to social and cultural values through music.
• A platform for multigenerational art that crates an inter-generational dialog.
• Shining the spotlight on cultural heroes that became role models.

Beatls draw

The visit plan:

Structured tour in various activity spaces:
1. Ladies & Gentlemen – The Beatles
2. Recording studio
3. Art gallery depicting the story of the band
4. Being a Beatle(s) – getting to know John, Paul, Ringo and George and "being a rock star"
5. Editing a video clip
6. The Beatles in Israel

music video recording on camera

• For families with children aged 5 and up 

The tour is 2 hours 

68 shekels per ticket 


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