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Dialogue With Time

"There's no one here who isn't going to phone his/her Grandpa or Grandma today." –"Y.", 15 years old, summing up his participation in Dialog with Time.


The main goals of the "Dialogue with Time" project are to create intergenerational dialog and to change preconceived notions about old people and aging. A visit to the exhibit is a fascinating and moving journey, and you leave it feeling different from how you were when you went in. The tour is a continuous series of moving, entertaining and challenging situations, and is led by guides – both men and women – aged 70 and over.

The intensity of the experience in the exhibit and the emotional identification created succeed in crossing the years that separate generations and in bringing young people into close contact with the experiences of senior citizens in Israel generally, and of their personal family members specifically.

The emotional closeness created during the tour floods visitors with emotions of closeness and love towards the old people in their own lives, and enables young people to briefly leave their personal world, which is so stressful and busy, and to think with curiosity and empathy about Grandma and Grandpa and the unique story of their roots.

The exhibit also helps bridge the intergenerational gap by making us aware of the personal, inner dialog each one of us has with Time, by stimulating the participants' curiosity about the worlds of the past.


"Family History" project –

The exhibit increases students' motivation to devote themselves to the project.

We recommend integrating the exhibit at different points during the process of writing the family history:

As a festive beginning -  As a way to harness and focus participants' motivation in getting started

During the writing: To help with mid-way crises by raising motivation and reconnecting to goals

As a festive concluding event: Allowing a look back at the whole process from an empowering perspective

A visit to the Dialog with Time exhibit enhances the process of carrying out family history projects!

The concept of "Dialogue in the Dark" and its related trademarks are the intellectual property of Dialogue Social Enterprise GmbH.

Pre booking is required

The exhibit is for adults and children over 10 years old.

Entrance to the activity is in groups of 12 participants.

The tour is about one hour and thirty minutes.



The concept of "dialogue with time" and its related trademarks are the intellectual property of Dialogue Social Enterprise GmbH. אתר האינטרנט הבינלאומי

Reviews of "Dialogue with Time"

"Smart, humane and educationally valuable"

- Globes

"Dialogue with Time is not just a fascinating and exceptional journey, but also an experience that stays with the visitors long after the event, as food for thought.

An intelligent, enriching experience presented at a highly professional level without compromise or winks and nudges."

Yedioth Ahronoth

"A fascinating, challenging and thought-provoking experience. The tour doesn't rely on clichés, and encourages independent thinking."

City Mouse


"It's impossible not to be amazed by the wisdom based on long experience that is interwoven into this exhibit, which makes the subject not distressful, but rather thought provoking."


"An exceptional exhibit that conveys a social message through sensory experience"

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For your attention:

pre booking is always required.

For availability and on line reservations


  • minimum age for entering "dialogue with time" is 10

  • Children and adults pay the same price.

  • A ticket is for one exhibit / activity.

  • children under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

  • The museum is strict with the age requirements for the different exhibits.

  • Being late to the tour means not entering the tour and the tickets are non refundable. please arrive 15 minutes earlier. 

  • the tour is 90 minutes.

    Cancellation are possible up to 48 hours before the tour and there is a 5% cancellation fee.