The Israeli Children's Museum

The Aliens

For Ages 8 to 11

A group of children who went for a walk in the city find themselves taking off into space and landing in a strange world, which runs on the power of thought.

The children try to return to Earth and so they violate the rules and orders of the new world they have landed in. They can only get back home if they understand that what is strange must become familiar, not alienated.

During the adventure, the children learn to recognize the difference between them and the residents of the strange world, as well as the differences between themselves. They collect experiences, encounter phenomena, and try new things through which they learn about differences and accepting others, and find the way to dialog, mediation and understanding.

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pre booking is required

the activity lasts for about 2 hours

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For your attention:

pre booking is always required.
e-mail us : [email protected]

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  • Children and adults pay the same price.

  • A ticket is for one exhibit / activity.

  • Adults accompanying children pay as well.

  • The museum is strict with the age requirements for the different exhibits.

    Cancellation are possible up to 48 hours before the tour and there is a 5% cancellation fee.