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 A Trip With Yanshul  


The Yanshul (half owl, half cat) is small but has hatched from his egg;  he already wants to meet new friends, but he's embarrassed. So what do you do when you're embarrassed?

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 Following Butterflies  

This course uses the life cycle of a butterfly to present children with different types of animal families, while examining the concepts of similar and different.

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  The Beatles – The Magical Mystery Tour  

The Beatles is undeniably one of the greatest musical bands that changed history and is still considered one of the most successful and favorite bands in the world.
an interactive, experience filled activity about the Beatles and their cultural and artistic impact.

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  The Kingdom of Time  

A mythical journey that follows the changes in the world around us as a result of the cycle of life, and deals with growth and change.

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  The Magical Forest  

An epic journey that deals with discovering the world of our emotions. The children discover a mystery box and out of curiosity, unintentionally, they release an elf who plays pranks in the enchanted forest.

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  The Aliens  

A group of children who went for a walk in the city find themselves taking off into space and landing in a strange world, which runs on the power of thought.

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 Dialogue in the Dark  

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It's a fascinating social, moral and emotional journey, which has the ability to enhance social creativity and communication skills. The exhibit is intended for people aged 9 to 99.

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 Invitation To Silence  

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Invitation to Silence" is an exhibit that gives a stage to the non-verbal communication skills that are hidden within each one of us, as they are expressed in the absence of voice, hearing and spoken language

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 Dialogue With Time  

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A visit to the exhibit is a fascinating and moving journey, and you leave it feeling different from how you were when you went in. The tour is a continuous series of moving, entertaining and challenging situations, and is led by guides – both men and women – aged 70 and over.

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For your attention:

*Visits to the Children's Museum are only held in guided tours and therefore require advance booking.

* the museum is very strict about the ages of the participants in each exhibition, therefore children under or over the age specified in each of the exhibitions will not be allowed to enter.

* due to the nature of the activity, it will not be possible under any circumstances to enter the routes with babies.

*Cancellation is possible up to 48 hours in advance and carries a 5% cancellation fee